Hot water extraction carpet cleaning: Eastbourne’s most popular deep cleaning technique

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Hot water extraction is the name given to the most commonly utilised method of professional carpet cleaning.

Eastbourne homes and businesses that call us in to tackle their tired, dirty carpets generally choose this option to give their carpets a really thorough clean, which gets right down to the roots of the pile.

Hot water extraction is also sometimes known as steam carpet cleaning, although this is something of a misnomer! A small amount of steam is generated by hot water vapour escaping from the machine, but what actually washes the carpet and brings up the ultimate finish is a simple blend of hot water and the cleaning solution itself, rather than steam.

How does Hot water extraction carpet cleaning work?

First of all, an alkaline carpet cleaning solution is used to precondition the surface of the carpet, which is left for a short while to get to work on dirt and staining in the carpet pile. Brushing the surface of the carpet pile helps to distribute the solution right through to the roots, before the hot water itself really gets to work. Hot water is circulated through the carpet by the machine, which thoroughly agitates the pile and brings out inground dirt, as well as effectively lifting stains and discolouration caused by foot traffic.

Finally, the alkaline preconditioner is rinsed out of the carpet with a solution of acetic acid to neutralise it, and as much water as possible is removed from the pile, before the surface of the carpet is blot-dried. The area that has been cleaned should then be left well ventilated and not walked on if possible for long enough to allow the remaining small amount of moisture within the carpet to thoroughly dry out.

Professional carpet cleaning vs. DIY

The carpet cleaning machine that we use is a heavy duty, industrial standard piece of kit designed for really thorough and effective carpet cleaning. Eastbourne also has various businesses such as some supermarkets and dry cleaners that offer the hire of smaller carpet cleaning machines, which are designed to mimic the action of the professional hot water extraction cleaner. However, these machines are not as highly powered as our professional kit, and do not heat the water, so they are a great deal less effective than hiring an experienced professional with the right tools for the job.

Plus, once you incorporate the cost of the various cleaning solutions required and the manpower hours spent on the DIY approach, hiring a carpet cleaning machine and spending several hours getting to grips with it often does not work out any cheaper than calling us in!

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