Dry Fusion carpet cleaning: Eastbourne carpets cleaner than ever!

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If you want to freshen up tired, grubby-looking carpets or find out what can be done about a particularly stubborn stain, you may be thinking about professional carpet cleaning.

Eastbourne is of course a popular resort town, and it is fair to say that the carpets of the area’s businesses see a lot of foot traffic over the course of their lives, and can soon begin to look dull and dirty as a result of normal wear and tear.

Steam cleaning is not the only option for giving carpets a thorough clean, particularly if a long drying time poses a problem, or it is impractical to keep the carpeted area off-limits while it dries.

Dry Fusion provides the perfect solution, both in terms of the short time taken to dry the carpet, and in terms of the superior results that it achieves. As it is a patented system, only trained and licensed operators can offer Dry Fusion carpet cleaning; Eastbourne is covered by Pure Cleaning for Dry Fusion carpet cleaning, and many of our customers have already taken advantage of this innovative modern system.

Dry Fusion uses a gentle yet effective solvent, cleaning agent, odour neutraliser and stain protection agent in a liquid solution. This is carried into the pile of the carpet by means of millions of small, absorbent “sponges” distributed by the cleaning machine, that intelligently regulate the amount of moisture wicked into the carpet while ensuring effective dirt and stain removal.

Then, the Dry Fusion machine brushes the sponges, ensuring that they make contact with every part of the carpet fibre to dissolve any stains and absorb soiling. The sponges are then vacuumed back up, and the pile is instantly heat-dried, leaving the carpet totally clean and dry enough to use half an hour later, while also protected by a non-stick stain shield.

Not only does this mean that dirt is less likely to stick to the carpet pile in the future, but it even makes it easier to glide your vacuum over the carpet when hoovering!

Dry Fusion carpet cleaning is ideal for carpets of all types, due to its anti-static finish. All of the cleaning and protective products involved in Dry Fusion carpet cleaning are biodegradable and pH neutral, in order to protect the fibres of your carpet and the freshness of its colour.

As well as Dry Fusion, here at Pure Cleaning we can offer a range of alternatives, including traditional hot water extraction carpet cleaning. Eastbourne carpets have never had it so good… Contact us before you write off your old, tired carpets to see if we can give them a new lease of life!