Cheap ways to clean carpet

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Keeping your carpet clean and fresh doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Even the toughest stains can be removed using every-day products. While you may be tempted to splash out on a professional clean or hire a carpet cleaning machine, there really is no need. By maintaining your carpet and removing stains as they appear, you will end up spending less – and ensure your carpet looks good for years.

One of the simplest things you can do to keep your carpet in good condition is to regularly vacuum it. By removing dirt, you will reduce odours and stop bugs and germs from breeding in your home. Regular vacuuming is especially important if you own a pet or someone in your house suffers from a respiratory disease.

Other essentials include cleaning spills as they happen and ensuring you remove traces of detergent from your carpet. Always blot with a clean cloth or paper tissue when cleaning or rinsing.

Low cost carpet care

Synthetic Carpets – For simple, every-day stains, use diluted washing up liquid. Mix one-quarter teaspoon with one cup of cold or lukewarm water. Never use hot water, because it will set a stain. For areas that require sanitising, use one-part vinegar and two-parts water. For removing urine, use one tablespoon of household ammonia with half a cup of lukewarm water.

Wool Carpets – Extra care must be taken with wool carpets. Using too much or the wrong detergent can remove colour. Bear in mind, this type of carpet is expensive to replace. However, if looked after, can last for years. While wool carpet does not retain dirt as readily as synthetic carpet, it must be vacuumed regularly. Spillages are generally easier to clean from wool carpets as liquid takes longer to soak into the pile. Blot away spillages immediately with a clean cloth. Use a general carpet cleaner to remove stains. A small amount of vinegar can be added to detergent solutions – one teaspoon to one litre of cleaning solution.

After removing a stain, always ensure you remove traces of the detergent you have used. Blot the cleaned area with lukewarm water and repeat, if necessary. Residue can dry sticky and trap dirt, causing a fresh stain.

Carpet care essentials

The cheapest way to look after your carpet is to reduce the risks. That means removing shoes and ensuring food is not eaten in a carpeted area. Avoid letting pets spend too much time in rooms with carpet. Be careful to ensure drinks are left in a safe place, where they are unlikely to be knocked over or spilled.

Because accidents happen, it is important to remember that any marks or spills should be cleaned straight away. Reminder: vacuuming is essential to remove dirt, dust and small bugs. Failing to take care of your carpet will leave your home smelling stale and pose a health risk.

For a beautiful home that boasts stunning carpets, make vacuuming part of your daily routine.

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