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Not all carpet stains and cleaning methods are the same.

That is why you should pay attention to the cleaning solutions and tools you use on your carpet. While some are great for general use, they may not shift hard-to-remove stains or be suitable for biohazards. This guide will help you understand what type of cleaning solution and method is best for each type of stain.

A recent report in The Telegraph newspaper suggested that washing up liquid beats most carpet cleaners. While that may be true for a small minority of stains, it is not recommended for all. What’s more, concentrated washing up liquid can damage a carpet or leave it feeling sticky to the touch.

Carpet cleaning solution guide

Follow this simple guide and you will be able to tackle any carpet stain in your home. Many supermarkets sell carpet cleaning fluids suitable for a range of stains. Ensure you invest in a selection so you are not caught off guard.

Blood – First blot with cold water. Never use hot water because it will ‘set’ the stain. Always use disposable paper towels and wear gloves. Use a carpet cleaning solution that contains hydrogen peroxide. Blot until stain is removed. Then clean the area again with an enzyme-based carpet cleaning solution. If you are faced with a large stain, call in a professional or hire a carpet cleaner.

Urine – Blot with cold water using paper towels. Blot again with an enzyme-based cleaning fluid. Look for a carpet cleaning solution that contains ammonia. Rinse by dabbing the area with detergent and then lukewarm water. Alternatively, make your own cleaning solution using water and vinegar – one-part vinegar to two-parts water. Rinse and blot dry.

Drinks, Food and General Dirt – Use a multipurpose carpet cleaning solution. Blot clean. Rinse using a damp cloth. Blot dry.

Carpet cleaning methods

For small stains, hand cleaning is perfect. You can target the spot without wetting clean carpet. These tips will help you tackle every type of carpet cleaning job.

Freshen up – Use a product such as Shake ‘n’ Vac and use a vacuum cleaner to remove the product. Do not use this if anyone in your household suffers from a respiratory condition.

Steam Cleaner – A steam cleaner can be used to sanitise carpet. As well as lifting dirt and small stains, the hot steam will kill bugs and germ and leave your carpet smelling fresh. This is a great way of cleaning carpet without using detergents. A simple steam cleaner can cost less than £30 and be used all around the home.

Wet and Dry Cleaner – Perfect for sucking up spills, this type of cleaner can also be used to remove carpet shampoo and lift residue after a carpet has been rinsed.

Carpet Cleaning Machine – This type of carpet cleaner can be purchased or hired. They are especially useful if you need to clean more than one carpet or carpet in a large area.

Keeping your carpets clean and fresh will ensure your home always looks and smells great.

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